“We started buying rams from Langdene in 1984 and we would be their longest continual client. I like the wool cut, wool type and frame of the Langdene sheep, and we really appreciate the value of the classing service that Garry provides. Our flock averages 19-micron and our hoggets have cut up to 9kg, five or six years ago, and they normally cut 7.5 to 8kg.  We’ve had great results showing both our wool and sheep at a local level. There’s a competition at the Dubbo Show that values two commercial fleeces, and we have won that for at least the past five years.”
Michael Inder, “Wattle Grove”, Dunedoo







Wattle Grove P/Ship maiden ewes the 2012 winners of the Tablelands Flock Ewe Competition



“I think Garry is one of the most brilliant young sheep stud masters in the Merino world. He’s helped to improve the Langdene sheep from being good sheep to now being brilliant sheep. They’re a big-framed sheep, heavy wool cutting and a low micron, and they’ve achieved so much in the showring. We won the Super Six Ewe Competition in 2004 and 2005, where there were about 15 studs eligible to ask their clients to put young ewes in the competition, and we won the long wool section in consecutive years.”

Laurie Pope, “Weemala”, Stuart Town



 Laurie Pope's Midstate Field Day Super 6 Ewe Competition winning two tooth ewes

 "I’ve bought rams from the Cox family since 1993 and at every one of their on-property ram sales. I’ve got great respect for the family – they’re great to do business with. I always thought Garry was an up-and-coming studmaster and with what they’ve achieved in the past few years, I have been proven right. He’s very passionate and committed. Both Gordon and Garry have been great to me, helping me to select the right rams for my flock and classing my ewes. The sheep are good, free-growing wool producers. Our ewes cut in excess of 6kg of wool and we achieve up to 100% lambing and better in some cases. They produce a good style of wool and I’m very happy with the genetics.”
Eric Smith, “Fairview”, Frogmore