Semen Sires



Tag No. Accolades


Micron (2yrs)

Price per straw

(excl. GST)

 17-0652   Y14-0961 18.7   $55
16-0950 Grand Champion Ram - Bendigo 2018  LD11-0075 20.6 $55
15-0044 Supreme Exhibit - NSW State Sheep Show 2017
15-0007 Champion Fine Wool Ram - GSSM, Sydney & Dubbo 2017  (162Kgs)
15-1206 Sold for $32,000 - Bendigo 2017
Sold for $50,000 - Dubbo 2017
14-0700     LD08-6138 16.7 $55
13-0615 NSW Champion All Purpose Merino Ram Lamb


 18.9 (1yr)


11-0025 Grand Champion Medium Wool Ram - Sydney Royal 2013





Champion Fine/Medium Ram - Dubbo National 2013




10-1680 Sold for $25,000 - Dubbo 2012




07-4073 Australian Supreme - 2009




06-4530 Sold for $19,000 - Hamilton 2008




03-3626 Grand Champion Fine Wool Ram - Bendigo 2005

RP 3746






Arguably the best poll bred at Langdene to date.

He has tremendous width over the hips which carries him into standing wide & square. 

LD17-0652 has truly thick productive skin, filling the bales with super stylish bold fine/medium wool.  He carries this thick lustrous wool through his neck folds & down to his underline.  He has a very clean poll socket & has tested double copy (PP).



We chose to retain this sire in the stud for his sheer production & outlook.  He has a very productive skin,producing a power of 66 count which will catch your eye.  He has a massive soft muzzle.  LD15-0044 was the lead ram in our 2nd place Group of Five at Sydney Royal.  He was awarded Champion Fine/Medium August Shorn Ram at GSSM & Supreme Exhibit at NSW State Sheep Show in 2017.





This sire raises the bar for merino breeding production.  Weighing in at 156Kg and testing 16.9 micron, his structure is flawless, standing square, with massive heart room and is heavy boned.  A very free moving ram, he has a strong robust head, free from blemishes.  His wool is of 70's count that is pure and nourished all the way to his toes.  

Champion August Shorn Fine Wool Ram and Lead ram in our winning groups in Sydney & GSSM in 2017.





This ram carries a great outlook, flawless structure with length of body, he stands wide and square with a good open head.  He has a unique, highly waxed wool which is extremely crimpy all over. 

Judged Champion Medium Wool August Shorn Ram at Sydney Royal 2016.

17 sons of his first progeny sold at our 2018 On Property ram sale, averaging $5,192.

LD14-0700 has been used extensively throughout NSW & his progeny have been entered in two Sire Evaluations in 2019.








This extremely well balanced ram has real stand-up appeal.  He has perfect structure, with heavy bone and a strong robust head.

His wool is 66 count, of which is heavy cutting, having an ASBV of +27 for fleece weight.

LD13-0615 was awarded NSW State Champion All-Purpose Merino Ram Lamb.  He measured 19 micron, 38 EMD, 6mm Fat and weighed 112Kg.

He was awarded Reserve Champion Fine/Medium Wool Ram at GSSM.

He was entered in the 2015 Macquarie Sire Evaluation with outstanding results.






This ram has tremendous length of body which is an obvious stand-out for this Sire (146Kgs).  He has magnificent structure, standing up on all fours, carries great width in the hind quarters and plenty of heart room in the front end.  His wool is of 66/64 count which is highly crimped and nourished.  He cut 17.2Kgs after Sydney Royal.  He is finished off with a magnificent Sire's head with a beautifully soft and velvety muzzle.

LD 11-0025 was Reserve Grand Champion Ram GSSM, Supreme Exhibit at Dunedoo Show and Grand Champion Medium Wool Ram at Sydney Royal during 2013. 

150 lambs have been weaned by LD11-0025.  They can be described as being very even, above average for growth and carrying well-nourished tips.


 Micron   SD   CV CF 
 19.7  3.2 16.2  99.6 
Tested 08/01/13


LD11-0075 was one of the most talked about one year old rams at Dubbo National in 2012.  This exciting young ram has magic wool, full of crimp, style and lustre as shown below.  He has a robust head with an excellent horn setting. He stands extremely square and well on his feet.  He exhibits a good rise over his hips and will grow into a large framed ram. Many stud breeders have placed semen orders for the coming breeding season from NSW, VIC and WA.  In LD11-0075 first showing in 2013 at GSSM Canberra he was successful in winning the Champion August Shorn Medium Wool Ram and the Overall Champion August Shorn Ram of the show.  Champion Fine/Medium Wool August Shorn Ram at Sydney Royal in 2013.  He was also the Champion Fine/Medium Wool August Shorn Ram at Dubbo National in 2013.




LD 11-0075 with 6 months wool 






Micron SD CV CF
18.6 2.3 12.4 99.9



A freak of a ram who weighed a staggering 152kg and cut 15.5kg of 18.6 micron wool at Dubbo National. He turned heads for his combination of meat and wool. His fine wool is free growing, long stapled and well nourished complementing his depth of body and near

perfect structure. He is a very unique ram combining a huge body weight with excellent muscling and soft crimpy wool with genuine wool cut. This was our lead ram in the winning Bruce Merriman Cup team at Sydney, 2012.




Australian Supreme 2009

Micron  SD  CV  CF 
 17.0 2.8  16.5  99.7 



A ram of extremes in every possible way, with excellent structure and constitution. He is as close to perfect as you would see, with massive bone and length of body. He has a masculine head, free of any blemishes, with an excellent horn setting. Wool is long-stapled, bright and white. His wool is extremely even all over, through the neck folds, belly and on the points.

This ram provides great opportunity for the stud breeder to increase size and structure without compromising the wool quality of their flock.
Possibly the best ram bred by Nerstane 43, out of a daughter of our 2001 Sydney Royal Grand Champion Medium Wool Ram, LD99-3219.
LD07-4073 continues to be used extensively throughout Australia, with several return clients. 


Top price $19,000 at 2008 Hamilton Sheepvention

Micron SD CV CF
16.4 2.2  13.4 99.9


A very well-bred son of LD03-3626, he created much interest at the Hamilton Sheepvention in 2008 for his pure fine/medium wool, and went on to top the sale at $19,000. His wool is very waxy and soft, on a very correct body.
He is crossing particularly well over fine wool flocks, giving them a huge boost in size and confirmation. In particular, he is putting plenty of style and nourishment into their wool, while maintaining - and in some cases decreasing - their micron.


Semen has been extensively used throughout NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.


Grand Champion Fine Wool Ram
Australian Sheep & Wool


Micron SD CV CF
17.0 2.2 12.9  99.9


LD03-3626 is a massive ram with huge spring of rib, with silky, pure long staple fine wool. This ram has been used extensively at Langdene, and was named 2005 Grand Champion Fine Wool Ram at Bendigo. He breeds very predictably, with lambs being very growthy, with heavy bone and structural correctness. Their wool test results are low microning with very low SDs and CVs – like their father tested.
LD03-3626 has been used by many stud breeders, with excellent results.