Langdene Merino Stud is owned and managed at Dunedoo, in Central West NSW, by Garry & Kelly Cox.  The stud is recognised as a leading provider of genetics for fine/medium wool production, and Langdene’s stud sires and ewes frequent competition podiums at a national level.

The story on Langdene extends back to 1975, when the productive land of the historic Bocoble Merino Stud was resumed for the building of the Windamere Dam, near Mudgee.  This lead to the dissolving of the Cox Brothers Partnership, of which Gordon was a part.  The Bocoble Stud was retained by Gordon’s father and brother at “Moolarben”, near Mudgee, and Gordon set about purchasing 1123 hectares at “Langdene”, Dunedoo.

In 1981, Langdene Merino Stud was established with the purchase of 800 Haddon Rig ewes, of which 200 of the top were selected for registration of the stud, and three stud rams.

In the late 1980's, genetic introductions came from East Roseville and Roseville Park studs, and in more recent years an introduction from Nerstane.  Infusing these bloodlines with the Langdene genetics has helped us to develop our own style of sheep for which we have become renowned. 

In early 2018, Garry purchased the adjoining property, which increased the land holding to 2176 hectares, enabling us to us to increase our breeding flock.

Garry is the proud sixth generation Cox family Merino stud breeder – not many family-owned studs can boast having six generations of successful Merino stud breeders!

“Langdene” & "Oakfield"

Our properties consists principally of red basalt soils, which is 95% arable.  We operate a three-year cropping rotation, and plant predominately to lucerne.  Our annual rainfall is 600mm.

Langdene Merino Stud features a base of 2000 stud ewes, from which we select our annual ram drop.  Our annual AI Program of 1200 stud ewes and two comprehensive ET program each enables us to utilise our top genetics.  Our adult Merinos cut an average 7.9kg per year of 18.4-micron wool.

In varying climatic conditions throughout Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Uruguay, many stud and commercial breeders have successfully introduced Langdene genetics, by either semen or rams to improve fleece weight, wool quality, and most of all to increase body size and growth rates, while lowering or maintaining the micron in their flocks.

We are proud of what we produce and continually putting our sheep out there by means of the show ring, fleece competitions, wether trials, ewe competitions and multi vendor ram sales.

We are confident with our product are happy to stand our sheep, and our clients’ sheep, against other bloodlines and breeding principles.